Sunday, July 28, 2013

Verona Trattoria

Went out with the cousins today for lunch.. Decided on Italian and there we go heading out to Seksyen 17, trying out this Italian restaurant for the first time. Verona Trattoria is this lovely restaurant's name. Once we arrived, we were greeted by this very friendly man which we think its the owner. Haha! 

We ordered three portion to share and also a tiramisu for dessert.. The food was just scrumptious ! Everything was cooked just right and that is when we decided that we will come back again.. ^^ Well, let the pictures do the talking~ 

Pizza - with pork pepperoni, mushrooms

Pasta - scallop, shrimp with wine sauce 

Crispy Pork Belly with honeydew salad

The melts-in-your-mouth tiramisu~ made fresh~ *yums*

And lastly, a picture with the friendly boss*i think* (he's Italian)! ^^

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Today's weather is really nice! Not too hot.. just right! *At least I am not sweating*

I was almost home the whole day other that that 2 hours went out for Chatime with the Mr.Smelly~

 So, what did I do at home? I was so bored, running out of inspiration for my designs so I thought of designing some random stuff while my inspiration come it..

I am really glad that I've met my friends in Korea that helped me out in all kinds of ways.. I really appreciate it! And so, I just did something really randomly...

Thank you all for helping me out in every way~ you guys meant alot to me! You know who you are~ *Spot your name. If your name is not there let me know.. ^^* 

니들 있어서 내가 너무 감사해! 내 운이 너무 너무 좋다! 내 인생중에 가장 한복한시간이 한국에서 보냈다..  암튼 우리가 만나게 되어서 너무 기쁘다~ 봄처럼, 우리의 관계도 항상 따뜻하고 밝기를 바란다! 많이 사랑해~

Monday, July 22, 2013

Revived! Part 1

Hmmm..lets see.. It has been 2 years since I last posted anything here! OMG! That's like really really long.. Oh well, guess its time to get back to blogging where I can start ranting here.. For the past two years, I have been all over the world except my own country. Many parts of US, then Seoul, South Korea, China, etc. Now that I'm back I suddenly felt like there's nothing I can do here..haha! So I was actually thinking whether should I head back to Korea or not since I LOVE it there so much!

Alrighty, I'll drop all nonsense and I'll try to recap some of my interesting moments in life.. ^^ This might be a long post so bare with me.. I'll split this into two parts so keep reading~ ^^

Well, I came back from Korea for 1week and celebrated Christmas at home last year..

brought my lil cousins to Kidzania and I had fun there too!

Celebrated my lil bro's 21st bday! He's growing up way too fast. *tear*

Met up with friends before heading back to Korea ~

New year countdown in Jongno, Korea!

Watched "catch me if you can" musical (featuring Kyuhyun from Super Junior) with my awesome Jap friends!

Met up with some of my korean friends while I'm in Korea..

Being some crazy lil fan girl going around cafes opened by either Kpop star Super Junior member's themselves or by their families. Haha! This is near Konkook University station.. 건대입구.. *im not a crazy fan, just wanted to visit cafes as Korea has the cutest cafe!*

Made JapChae in class which is awesome!

Another cafe by SuJu member.. This is in Apgujeong, Gangnam..압구정.

And of course Korean BBQ! Which is awesome! This one is in SinChon 신촌, mapo-gu.

The awesome girls with one of my fav food~ DakGalbi! 닭갈비~ 냠냠~~ 

And then friends from Malaysia visited Korea~

Us studying for exam together~

And then our first lesson on banmal(informal speech) 반말 which was totally fun!

Us girls hanging out with Makggeoli 막걸리 and food~

Had this really yummy 8color samgyupsal~ 팔색 삼겹살! 짱이다!

We even went to SNSD's cafe which is so awesome! Haha! 

Made chocolates for valentines day~

And then, Graduation! Which marks the end of this semester~

Then I headed home for about 10days and brought along my pretty Jap friend with me back to Malaysia and that is where I started touring Kuala Lumpur! Haha ! 

I'll update more later~~ the most interesting part of my life has yet to come.. I'll publish it in the next few days~~ wheee! Till then~~

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cuti-cuti Malaysia! Holiday in Malaysia! 말레이시아 10일 여행!

We just reached back to Korea and here's a summary of our holiday in the tropical country of Malaysia! ^^

Hello peeps, let me introduce you to my pretty friends! The one next time me is Chika and she's from Osaka, Japan.. the one next to Chika is Nadira and she's from Malaysia.. ^^ We're heading back to Malaysia and Chika will start her Malaysia holiday the moment we touch down.. ^^ We sat AirAsia back as the price was really reasonable! 
Arrived at LCCT, Malaysia~

First dinner @ Duck King, Jaya one - Cousin's treat! ^^

Special night tour by my cousie~ it was CNY! So it's RED all over!

Next Morning- Dim Sum @ Damansara Jaya. Brandon's treat. 

Had our Chatime before heading off to FGS Dong Zen Temple.

At Dong Zen Temple-

Next, head to Dataran Merdeka! Frankly, it's my first time going there too! *embarrassed* 

Then had banana leaf rice for dinner at Bangsar then snowflakes and roti tisu for dessert ! Omg

Third Day- Putrajaya

We even went into the pink mosque! The interior was really grand!

One of our driver~

Following day, 2days 1night in Penang!!! 

Assam Laksa!! *delicious*

Cendol! *refreshing!*

Char Kuey Teow!! *yummy*
Wall mural!

Our hotel! ^^

Heading for parasailing which was awesome!

Reached back KL and daddy treated us with yummy Unique Seafood!!!!! Omg! So so good!

The next day, Chika had her plans and I had my plans as well.. 
I met up with my old colleagues at Mid valley and we had Nando's! ^^

And as for dinner, met up with daddy's friends.. And the kids were my childhood buddies~~

The following day, we're off to Malacca! Whee~~ there's like 3 cars all together! ^^

And in Malacca, what do we do? We eat of course!!
1) chicken rice ball
2) nyonya laksa
3) curry laksa 
4) fishball soup

Our group picture! My awesome friends!

Before heading home, seafood for dinner!!

That's it for our malacca trip.. The remaining two days we had were free and easy.. ^^ 

This concludes the tour around Malaysia! Thank you so much Mr.Low Jiahao and Koh Tat Hong for accompanying us the whole trip, driving us here and there.. Really appreciate it! ^^ thanks again! 

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